" Kevin has represented my business in trademark prosecution and litigation matters over the last few years and has done an excellent job. He is extremely knowledgeable in the area of intellectual property and his insight into solving problems has proven invaluable for development and enforcement of my brand. I would recommend Kevin to any business owner facing litigation in this area or seeking a trusted advisor to help develop business brand. "


" I have retained Kevin on several occasions as legal counsel for my business. I was impressed by Kevin's depth of knowledge in the legal domain. He is a tough litigator who speaks frankly with his clients on the bottom line issues. I would highly recommend his services to anyone facing legal issues in the business or intellectual property arena. "


" Kevin is a great resource and extremely helpful. He cuts through the fog of a problem to get to the right answer and takes the lead in solving difficult problems. "


" Kevin was my opposing counsel on a very complex intellectual property case. While a strong advocate for his client, Kevin's ethics and professionalism are beyond question. "