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No matter who you are or how many assets you have, developing an Estate Plan is crucial for anyone who wishes to leave their assets to the important people or organizations that they leave behind. During your initial meeting with a Northern California Estate Planning Attorney it is important to first determine what your assets are currently and ultimately where you wish these assets to be distributed in the event you pass away. After much consideration and time, a Last Will and Testament should be drawn up in the event of an early passing. It is important to note that a “Last Will and Testament”, a Will, is not final, it can indeed be changed according to your wishes down the road. What is important is that you develop one now to at least facilitate what your wishes are with what you have as of today.

Depending on the total value, the number and various asset types involved, along with the number of beneficiaries and who they are in relation to yourself, Wills can range from very simple to extraordinarily complex. Regardless of these factors, the fact remains that it is extremely difficult to face these issues head on. After all, when you and your family use the plan that we put into place, you will no longer be here and that is scary to even think about and is why it is so common to put something like this off for as long as possible.

Similar to life insurance, developing an Estate Plan leaves a final impression to those important people who survive you. It showcases to them that you not only thought about them while you were here, but also after you pass away. It also gives you the authority to distribute your assets where and to whom you see fit.

There is not a clear answer to this though. Its also important to note that as opposed to life insurance, which not everyone needs due to varying financial situations, everyone truly does have something to leave behind. Attorney Martin has designed Estate Plans for a wide variety of cases with key elements differing in assets involved and clients’ personal desires of what to leave and to who. Some prefer to leave everything to their children all at once, focusing solely on minimizing the tax exposure in order to maximize the inheritance, others feel the best option is to ensure their descendants are protected from themselves and secure a life long, even generational allotment that cannot be spent down in a matter of years and develop a Trust instead. There are not two Estate Plans that are the same and there are many ways to go about designing a plan for your unique needs, considering your unique family members and their characteristics, charitable organizations and surviving business partners.

Probate Litigation

In the event that an Estate Plan was not developed prior to an untimely death or one was not put into place sufficiently, surviving family members may find themselves in a situation that they feel the need to fight for what is rightfully their’s. Attorney Kevin R. Martin has extensive experience in the field of Probate Litigation and is devoted to fighting for his clients’ birth rights. A fierce litigator, Kevin Martin combines his knowledge and experience of Estate Planning along with his skills in dealing with the opposition to maximize the asset distribution in question in his clients’ favor.

If you feel you have a probate litigation case or are beginning to plan for your family’s future, please call Kevin Martin today and he will begin to advise you.

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