Wills and Trusts Attorney in San Rafael

Our firm guides you through estate planning and other wills and trusts related processes to ensure that your heirs receive their inheritance without interference from creditors and other third parties. Throughout our 21 Years, we have helped countless clients work out their needs. If you are from the San Rafael area, let us bring this experience to your wills and trusts situation.

Our team at Martin APC aids individuals from all over the San Rafael area in their estate planning needs. Through effective planning and strong relationships with San Rafael area clients, we strive to uniquely guide each client through the sensitive and emotionally difficult processes involving wills and trusts matters.

At Martin APC, our team strives to utilize their gained experience to help clients with their wills and trusts needs. After 21 Years of working with San Rafael area clients, we can help you understand the difficult to process matters involved in a complicated wills and trusts situation.

Call us at Martin APC today. Wills and trusts matters can be daunting, both in existential confrontation and legalistic complexity. However, they are far too important for San Rafael area citizens to ignore. If you have not handled your assets and dealt with wills and trusts matters, call our professional team to guide you through the overwhelming task today.

Martin APC
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Oakland, CA 94612
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