Wills Attorney in Berkeley

One of the hardest parts of dealing with wills related issues can be finding legal guidance that is both compassionate and thorough. At Martin APC, our legal team holds 21 Years of experience in working closely with our Berkeley area clients; therefore, we can offer both the empathy and knowledge that comes from handling so many estate plans and other wills related situations.

For 21 Years, the professionals at Martin APC have provided sound advice and professional services for our clients. We care about the painful reaction some have to estate planning and other wills related matters; therefore, we at Martin APC are proud to bring comfort and guidance through our wills services to the Berkeley area.

The wills process can be complicated and difficult to think about, but here at Martin APC, we have mastered the process, holding the needs of our Berkeley area clients to the highest standard. Let our 21 Years in business prove that handling wills matters with our team at Martin APC is the best option for you.

Call us at Martin APC today. Drafting a plan for your Berkeley area estate can be both emotionally trying and legalistically confusing. If you face wills matters in the Berkeley area, call our compassionate and professional team at Martin APC to walk you through the process.

Martin APC
1939 Harrison Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 444-7600

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