Probate Attorney in Oakland

Probate services are not exclusive to the elderly. Anyone in the Oakland area looking for security in their future and that of their family should take advantage of our probate services at Martin APC. By the name of Martin APC, our team wants to help you through your difficult probate matters.

It is an unfortunate truth that accidents happen in the Oakland area. After 21 Years of practice, we at Martin APC have come to understand this. One of the many probate services offered by our team at Martin APC is the opportunity to create living wills, addressing our client’s desires should they become incapacitated.  We take the time to listen to each Oakland area client and set up detailed documents that explain their wishes as we know there is no way to predict our clients’ futures.

At Martin APC, we guide Oakland area clients through the often difficult probate process. Let us offer our 21 Years of experience to help you and your family craft a plan to cover your unique situation and benefit everyone.

Call Martin APC to protect your family in the event of your passing. Probate matters make a necessary step in protecting your loved ones and your property. Do not go into the future unprepared, and call us at Martin APC for protection of your future in the Oakland area.

Martin APC
1939 Harrison Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 444-7600

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