Employment Attorney in San Rafael

Business in the San Rafael area often includes handling sensitive information and trade secrets. A professional employment lawyer, such as those offered by our team at Martin APC, should be able to protect your business’s sensitive information from disgruntled employees or competitors. After 21 Years of practice, we at Martin APC can promise to diligently protect you.

Here at Martin APC, we do not just move through clients in pursuit of profit. Our reputation in the San Rafael area relies on our ability to give necessary support and guidance in a difficult employment case. We work with clients from all over the San Rafael area and strive to ensure success in their employment cases.

With 21 Years of experience handling employment matters, our team at Martin APC knows how to take care of their clients’ needs. We understand the unique situations of most San Rafael area companies, so we can provide responsive and cost effective employment representation to each. At Martin APC, we seek to provide a high level of service for our clients. We will take steps to be approachable and develop a trusting and warm relationship with our San Rafael area customers. At Martin APC, our professionals rely on their strong legal skills to ensure good service.

Let our team at Martin APC handle your legal matters.

You take care of your growing San Rafael area company. Let us handle your employment matters and legal hurdles.

Martin APC

1939 Harrison Street

Oakland, CA 94612

(510) 444-7600

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