Elder Law Attorney in Walnut Creek

Our team at Martin APC strives for honesty, compassion, and proficiency. After 21 Years providing elder law services to the Walnut Creek area, we know that trust is key with attorney-client relationships; therefore we go the extra mile to make sure your unique elder law situation is handled with personal and professional care.

Individuals throughout the Walnut Creek area need to protect their assets as unfortunate events are never anticipated. Here at Martin APC, our team helps these individuals develop a comfortable and extensive plan through professional elder law guidance.

To provide the best possible service for our Walnut Creek area clients, we at Martin APC stay up to date with state laws and probate cases. With 21 Years of experience in serving the Walnut Creek area, you can rely on our elder law knowledge to provide efficient, knowledgeable, and passionate service.

Residents in Walnut Creek and surrounding areas can depend on Martin APC for proper guidance and representation for their elder law case. Martin APC has 21 Years handling such cases all throughout the Walnut Creek area. Call Martin APC today and receive a free consultation.

Martin APC
4200 Park Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 444-7600

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