Civil Litigation Attorney in Walnut Creek

One of the first decisions your new Walnut Creek area business must make is whether to file as a limited liability or sub S corporation. Both statuses have taxation benefits in Walnut Creek area law, but vary in many ways. Therefore, you need the advice of a professional civil litigation attorney in making this decision. Our team at Martin APC has provided 21 Years of experience to the Walnut Creek area regarding civil litigation advice and other matters in business law.

At Martin APC, our legal team proudly provides diligent and responsive representation to Walnut Creek area businesses. You can trust your civil litigation attorney to respond to your concerns quickly and represent your company’s interests with diligence. For industries relying on sensitive information, Martin APC can provide well drafted non-compete, non-solicitation, or confidentiality agreements. Our civil litigation lawyers strive to ensure that your business is protected from rogue former employees and other sensitive civil litigation matters. Contact us at Martin APC to schedule a consultation today.

At Martin APC, we devote our civil litigation practice to helping clients settle their disputes through their best-case scenario. In our 21 Years of working with clients throughout the Walnut Creek area, we have learned that building a good relationship based on trust and respect is the best way to work with clients.

Martin APC helps victims navigate the complexity of personal injury cases. The firm has helped numerous Walnut Creek civil litigation victims with their matters. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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