Civil Litigation Attorney in San Rafael

One of the first decisions your new San Rafael area business must make is whether to file as a limited liability or sub S corporation. Both statuses have taxation benefits in San Rafael area law, but vary in many ways. Therefore, you need the advice of a professional civil litigation attorney in making this decision. Our team at Martin APC has provided 21 Years of experience to the San Rafael area regarding civil litigation advice and other matters in business law.

At Martin APC, our legal team knows the processions of business in the San Rafael area, so we know how to best represent your civil litigation matters. We focus on providing our clients with both professional representation and guiding counsel for their civil litigation cases. In our 21 Years of working with the area, we have seen all sorts of cases, and we will apply the knowledge gained to ensure the best possible service.

Part of what has made Martin APC a successful company in the last 21 Years has been our strong civil litigation knowledge. Our professional team at Martin APC is able to express complex ideas in clear language and in a manner that advocates for our clients’ interests. For San Rafael area businesses that rely on sensitive or secretive information, we at Martin APC can help with civil litigation litigation. When former employees and others violate non-compete or confidentiality agreements, we can take actions on your behalf through the San Rafael area legal system.

Martin APC offers the personalized legal strategies and dedicated service that you deserve. Martin APC has proudly been serving the San Rafael area for many years. Call today to receive a free consultation.

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