Experienced in real estate and non-disclosure disputes
Our attorneys have experience advising clients on issues involving real estate transactions, including sale agreements, due diligence and security agreements. At our firm, you can count on frank advice directed to the key business issues involved. If the situation has become contentious, we can help protect your property and contractual rights. To learn more about what we can do for you, call (510) 457-0408 for a consultation.
Real estate disclosure disputes
Property disclosure issues rank high amongst real estate legal disputes. Sellers, buyers and agents involved in a real estate transaction are obligated to disclose certain information about the property. If you believe that an opposing party and/or their agent has failed to disclose relevant information related to a transaction, then contact Martin APC for sound legal advice. Call (510) 457-0408 to arrange for your consultation.
An image of a real estate agreement in Oakland, CA
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